Lease on life

    Even as cigarette sales stagnate, engineers keep busy improving the efficiency, reliability and functionality of tobacco machinery.
    By George Gay
    Godioli E Bellanti,Lorenzo Curina的销售总监对我们来说对我们来说对我们来说是挑战,因为他不相信任何人可以判断使用他公司修复后的二手烟草机器,还是新的。必威ios下载
    这样随和热情似乎建在Lorenzo’s DNA, so he doesn’t always use the term “reconditioned” machinery. Asked to describe Godioli e Bellanti in a few words, he said, in an emailed reply, that for almost 100 years tobacco machines had been the company’s “daily bread” and that today it was an engineering company specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying new tobacco machines and complete processing lines, while also “revitalizing” and giving a “new life” to used tobacco machines.
    事实上,洛伦佐放下他的挑战(我不是sure, but there might be a bottle of wine on offer) in answer to another question—one about whether Godioli e Bellanti was able to obtain the base machines required to fulfill its customers’ requests for reconditioned machinery. Yes, he said, the company had bought many used leaf tobacco processing lines at the time when tobacco factories were closing in Europe, and it still had warehouses full of used tobacco machines. So customers had a wide range of choice. Godioli e Bellanti, he added, tongue-in-cheek, even tried to accommodate those who wanted machines of very particular dimensions, that were hardly used, that performed as well as or better than new machines and that came at a very low price!
    In answer to the same question, Ron Woodthorpe, of Hampshire Tobacco Machinery Services (HTMS), said that his company tried to fulfill its customers’ needs from its own inventory, but that, in any case, it had good sources of supply in both Europe and the U.S., even though some machinery was destroyed, rather than sold, when it was no longer required. One other challenge was that whereas a certain donor machine might be available, the cost of acquiring it would render a rebuild prohibitively expensive.
    Peter Woodthorpe也表示,HTMS的需求符合翻新机械的客户可能是一项挑战,这是多年来,该公司开发了它可以从股票制造的新机器和价格类似于再修复的价格的原因是挑战。鉴于捐赠机器的购买成本,鉴于捐赠机器的购买成本。当然,HTMS无法通过此选项涵盖所有基地,但这种新建替代的一个重要例子涉及莫林斯HLP 1-2,代替HTMS构建并提供自己的HLP机器,XL515。
    显然,这种拍卖不会包含烟草机器的大源,但在这种情况下,其中一些的质量毫无疑问被证明有吸引力。必威ios下载在电子邮件交换机中,威廉B.Lilly Jr.,Iron Horse的拍卖师/房地产经纪人告诉我,涉及烟草机械的拍卖非常罕见,通常发生在申请破产保护的公司时发生。必威ios下载通常,烟草机器要么被经必威ios下载销商销售或销毁,以防止商业秘密的启示。
    In fact, William told me that the June auction was only the second or third involving tobacco manufacturing equipment in North Carolina that he was aware of since 2011.
    It was what he referred to as a medium-sized auction, but the unique thing about it, he said, was that it featured what to him were late-model machines, a 2009 Decoulfe rod maker and Hauni Max-S tipping unit, and a 2010 Decoulfe rod maker and Hauni Max-S tipping unit.
    6月拍卖可能创造了国际兴趣,也许是因为提供的机器,其中包括Molmac MK-9 PLC棒制造商和MOLMAC MAX-S TIPPER单元;Molmac HLP-R包装器;MTS-HLP包装机;AMF包装商;包装;拳击手;托盘填充物和托盘卸载器。威廉表示,他已从欧洲联盟,中东,亚洲和美国联系烟草制造商联系必威ios下载
    最后,我询问铁马是否必须检查买家是否没有参与假冒烟草 - 产品业务。必威ios下载“我们销售机器的原样,在哪里”,买方是责任决定其预期用途的可行性以及当地,州或联邦监管机构所需的任何许可证,“威廉说。“目前的拍卖已由美国破产法院,北卡罗来纳州中区,美国财政部的酒精和烟草税和贸易局意识到拍卖。”必威ios下载
    It stands to reason that machinery sold at auction is going be offered “as is,” but “as is” equipment is a business offering that HTMS has steered away from, even though Peter says it often receives enquiries for such machines. “All of our machinery is supplied to an as-new condition, tried and tested with a warranty for one year based on a single shift,” he said in an emailed reply to questions from必威ios下载烟草记者。“可以提供全面的备用支持服务,通常此类物品的预算包含在报价中。”
    HTMS, which Peter described as a well-established re-engineering business with more than 50 years’ experience in the tobacco industry, will always recondition a customer’s machinery. “We recently completed a project which included four machines all the same type and format for a high-end customer in the USA,” he said. “A collection of the best donor machines were selected and sent to us in the U.K. for an ‘as new’ ground-up overhaul, with many upgrade features to the customer’s specific requirement.”
    Meanwhile, Ron said that HTMS was seeing a rise in customers wanting to refurbish, upgrade and size-change machinery they owned. In this case, HTMS could update mechanical, electrical and safety systems to improve the efficiency, reliability and functionality of equipment. The company had the ability to give a new lease of life to used machines, improving output by 30–70 percent in respect of some original Molins and Hauni machines.
    Both Godioli e Bellanti and HTMS say that their businesses are about 95 percent tobacco industry focused. In the case of HTMS, which occasionally supplies services to, for instance, the tea manufacturing industry, most of its tobacco business is focused on making and packing equipment, and downstream machinery, including high-speed tax-stamp applicators for packs and cartons, along with a related spare parts service.
    Lorenzo Curina

    Godioli e Bellanti will accommodate both requests for the supply of reconditioned equipment to customers looking for it to provide new-to-them equipment and requests from customers looking to have their own equipment reconditioned. Lorenzo said that most of the customers who were interested in buying reconditioned tobacco machines were “very new” investors in the tobacco sector, and that they were initially attracted to buying reconditioned equipment because of the lower investment such equipment required.
    虽然他们不想投资太多,但他们认为该部门可能是有利可图的,因此他们想要一个优质的处理线。而且,洛伦佐补充说,这无疑是,在过去的15 - 20年里,Godioli e Bellanti赢得了对修复,重建和翻新的卓越声誉。“我们没有刷掉旧的画笔!”他说。“对于我们的再修复意味着真的reconditioning: replacing ball bearings, checking the mechanisms, repairing the valves, testing electrical motors, and evaluating the characteristics and performances of fans.”
    Asked what the in-demand reconditioned machines were, Lorenzo said that, in fact, most requests concerned complete processing lines, though the company was frequently requested to supply reconditioned “key-machines.” Without trying to exaggerate the importance of Godioli e Bellanti, said Lorenzo, the most widely demanded used and reconditioned machine was the Godioli e Bellanti press. Then came tobacco redriers, conditioning cylinders, and direct conditioning cylinders (DCCs).
    The next question concerned where, geographically, demand for reconditioned equipment was coming from. Easy question, easy reply, said Lorenzo. A big part of the tobacco industry had moved out of Europe and North America; so inquiries and demands for reconditioned tobacco machines tended to come from all countries, except those in Europe and North America.
    Peter, on the other hand, said that the spread of HTMS’ customer base for reconditioned machinery ranged from all parts of North America, through Eastern Europe and the Far East to the depths of the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
    And, in the past few years, its customers included businesses ranging from those of the largest manufacturers to new start-ups. In the case of the former, some of the machinery has comprised makers and packers for the high-speed manufacture of cigarillos.
    以及需求的机器类型?彼得说,查询范围广泛:从烟草切割机,向卷烟制造商(MK8 / MK9 / G4),以及软包装包装线。必威ios下载但是,他补充说,硬箱HLP是全世界的第一选择。
    It was always thus.